Scottish, Irish, Northumbrian and Swedish Bagpipes 
Seth Hamon of Mansfield Texas, USA

Irish "Uilleann" Bagpipes hand made with respect to the tradition since 2001

I offer a variety of options which include modern pipes with single regulators, old style union style pipes with single or double regulators, modern 3/4 and full sets, taking influence from Rowsome, O'Mealy, Taylor Brothers, and many others.  I own an 1870's Taylor full-set which has taught me a lot about the old makers.

I'm taking a break from Uilleann pipemaking to focus on Northumbrian Smallpipes and will make sets and post them for sale as I have the spare time.


Poly Practice set - $850
(same as regular practice set but stocks and chanter are plastic.)

 This set is not a budget set.  Some makers sell budget sets that come with plastic vinyl bags and bellows attached with hardware store staple guns.  My sets come with the same hand-made riveted bags and quality leather bellows attached with fancy upholstery tacks, not staples.

Regular Practice set - $1350
(Chanter with full key blocks made of Mopane, African Blackwood, or Ebony with hand made leather bag, leather bellows, brass chanter cap, & reed ~ ready to play)

Half Set - $2750
(Same as Regular Practice set with added tenor, baritone, and bass drone in a common stock with a shut-off key, fully reeded and ready to play.)

Drones only - $1400
( Mainstock with shut-off key, stock cup with tenor, baritone, & bass drones and reeds)

Uilleann sets with MacGregor style regulator setup ~ simplified 3/4 set - $4350
(MacGregor made use of simple chords with a baritone regulator with a single D key with a touch that extends and can be used with the F#, G, & A of a tenor regulator which has 4 keys, F#, G, A, & B.)

*Wooden Chanter with full keyblocks $675
*Wooden Chanter without keyblocks - $500
(*above come with chanter cap and reed.)

*Tenor regulator - $1000
*Baritone regulator - $1000
*Bass regulator - $1200
*E regulator - $700
(*above supplied with reed)

Keys C, G#, Bb, & F - $100 each

Poly Chanter -  $300
( solid plastic chanter with c-nat keyblock)

Bellows $325

Brass chanter top
regular- $70
gooseneck $90

Wooden chanter top - $250
with stop-key blocks - $300
with stop key - $550

Chanter or Regulator reed - $80

Pipebag - $150

All sets pictured below have plastic chanters.

Restoration of an old William Taylor set made circa 1870.
(William Taylor has been called the Stradivarius of pipe-makers)

Before Restoration:  This set was in bad shape.  It had several cracks in the bass drone bottom section, and leaks in the stock, bass drone section, and other areas that where filled with wax, paint, and who knows what trying to stop leaks and such instead of fixing the issues correctly.  The baritone was missing the ferrule at the top and the body was severely cracked.  Also, the baritone regulator was missing all the keys as it was once switched from a left handed set to a right handed set and the widened keys of the bass and tenor regulators were now turned inward so the previous owner must have removed them probably for repairs and they were lost forever.  The bagpipe is approx. 140 years old so it's seen a lot but is now currently undergoing restoration and will soon be in playing condition again.  The baritone regulator shows two keys on it in the photo below.  Those keys were made by me as I had already begun the restoration as the time this photo was taken.

Missing keys on the baritone regulator and the bass regulator stock attachment has goop painted around the edge to stop leaks.  Not sure why they didn't remove it and place a gasket of leather underneath to seal it.  Their was stuff underneath the plate, stuff like gobs of wax, thread, paint, etc.  It was quite a nasty cleanup but it was very successful.

      The triple bored standing joint of the Taylor bass drone was in need of repair due to a crack that developed on the outside of the upper tuning pin which is seated into the ebony and secured in place with hemp or similar.  This hemp was cemented in place so I slowly heated the brass tube until it got warm enough to loosen up and come out without harming the wood.  I then cleaned up the thread that had adhered itself to the wall of the bore where it has been seated for almost 150 years.  The tuning pin was cleaned and wrapped with thread and seated back into the bore.  Before I seated it back into the bore I repaired the crack in the tuning pin bore and I seated the pin back into its bore and put the ferrule and ivory mount back on which was also fitted with thread wrapping. I then sealed the top with cobblers wax obtained from Ted Anderson's bagpipe supply.

 Cleaning off all the green oxidation gunk that forms on old metal parts over decades.

     A repair was done on the piece of wood to the right of the bottom left ivory mounts.  Actually its the only ebony piece seen in the photo.  The original piece of wood was in bad shape.

  Resonator puck as well as the ferrule with a male brass piece that is thread wrapped and inserted into the repaired part pictured above.

Current State of Restoration:

Notice, I had to build all the missing baritone regulator keys in the original Taylor style because the original left-handed set had widened keys retrofitted to the Bass and Tenor regulator, and once it was converted to a right handed set these outward facing widened keys were now turned inward.  Due to this, I had to make the keys narrow as originally made. I suspect when the set was converted to a right handed set that the also widened baritone regulator keys were too large and created a traffic jam so they were removed in attempt to remove the added laminations on all the regulator keys and the project was never finished and they were lost over time.  You can turn the keys over and see the original keys underneath and the widened sections are a later addition that may have been done by Taylor, or another pipe-maker but in any case they were done very well.  I have debated removing these laminations which are riveted over the original keys and restoring the set back to the makers original intent.

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