Scottish, Irish, Northumbrian and Swedish Bagpipes 
Seth Hamon of Mansfield Texas, USA

Scottish Smallpipes ~ Bellows Blown or Mouthblown

Scottish Smallpipes in A, Bb, D, & C.

Wood choice, Ebony, Mopane, & African Blackwood or other at customers request.

   Smallpipes in A  $1650
Smallpipes - D or C $1550 
Video: D-set 

Combo A/D Smallpipe set with both A & D chanters - $2100
4 drones (alto, tenor, baritone & bass)

Smallpipe Chanters in A  $325
Smallpipe Chanters in C or D $300

Keys $120

Nickel-Silver ferrules $250 and up
 ~ hand rolled from flat sheets in the old tradition, very time consuming ~

Split stock $50

Low D Smallpipe Chanters $500

Smallpipes without bellows, subtract $285
~ still have to add a bellows stock to fit customers existing bellows~

Chanter Reeds $45

Smallpipes - key of A

Mopane with African Blackwood mounts
& optional Borderpipe chanter

Combo A/D Smallpipe set with both A & D chanters

Mopane with Burmese Blackwood mounts
The A' chanter is in contrast to the set

 Smallpipes - key of D

African Blackwood with Mopane mounts

Mouthblown - African Blackwood with Boxwood mounts
& optional high E key

Smallpipes with Borderpipe Chanter
Borderpipe chanters played with smallpipe drones is becoming ever so popular and the split stock allows the quick switch back to a smallpipe chanter. 

" The Dow"
Low 'D' Scottish Smallpipe Chanter

Video of Low D chanter

An adapter can be made to fit any existing set of smallpipes. It can also be played on Uilleann sets.


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