Scottish, Swedish, & Northumbrian Bagpipes 
Seth Hamon of Mansfield Texas, USA

              2nd Generation Poly Swedish Bagpipes                              

                             Poly H-1 $425 
                             Poly H-2 $475 ~ full brass ferrules. 

Each set comes with synthetic reeds and a leather bag ready to play.
All second generation sets will be black;

2nd Generation chanters are extended to incorporate a low D tone hole as well as a G-natural tone hole for the right hand thumb.

Looking Back......An article from the Swedish Piping Workshop in 2011 when I unveiled the first synthetic reed for the Swedish bagpipe which is not used worldwide by hundreds of pipers, amateur to famous recording artists.
Workshop Press: Click Here

" What you do could completely revolutionize Swedish bagpipe teaching"
     Olle Gällmo.


HP-1 Standard Model

HP-2 Model 

Removable mouthpiece

   Fully Synthetic Reeds 

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