Scottish, Swedish, & Northumbrian Bagpipes 
Seth Hamon of Mansfield Texas, USA


Borderpipes ~ key of A

~ Bellows Blown or Mouthblown ~

* Price List 2019
I make all my own bags, bellows, drone reeds, and most of my chanter reeds which enables me keep my prices down as I don't have to up-charge customers for imported components.

Borderpipes   $2650  ~ brass ferrules

1880's Glen reel-pipe reproduction $3000  ~ from an antique reelpipe in my personal collection stamped David Glen, Edinburgh. 

key of A

Wooden $600 ~ Ebony, African Blackwood, or Mopane

Reeds $45 ~ cane or synthetic

Pipe-bag $125 ~ riveted leather bag

Bellows $400 

(Set pictured below in A-440 ~ mouthblown option)

Mopane Borderpipe with Scottish Smallpipe drones

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