Scottish, Swedish, & Northumbrian Bagpipes 
Seth Hamon of Mansfield Texas, USA

Welcome to the Hamon Bagpipe Company.
Located in Mansfield Texas, USA 

We offer a variety of bagpipes, reeds, pipe-bags, repairs and sup,plies to suit your piping needs.  Please let us know if their is anything we can do for you.  Have a look around and contact us if you have any questions.

Bagpipes Offered:
Swedish Bagpipes, Scottish Smallpipes, Borderpipes, Northumbrian Smallpipes , Reel-pipes, and 3/4 sized Highland Bagpipes. We are also starting to make and restore Concertinas.

Below is a picture of myself with a set of my D' smallpipe's.

Featured Artist:

Rohan Kriwaczek

~ England’s foremost authority on the history and practice of Funerary Violin ~
     In the video below, Rohan is playing a set of 2 drone Swedish bagpipes equipped with synthetic reeds and manufactured in the Hamon Bagpipe workshop in 2012.  The set is made of an ebony subsititue called Katalox from South America, and the mounts are an African ebony from the Gabon region. 

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